Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Beginning of Taro's Adventure!

Taro crept along quietly, desperately trying to be silent. Someone was watching him, he just didn’t know where from. He felt cold eyes glaring at him from afar, through the shadows, as he carefully placed another step on cold stone beneath his feet. He must be careful or he will put himself in danger. He took another step, placing his foot carefully in front of the other, diligently shifting his weight from his back leg to the front. Even the slightest error could not be tolerated now. The warm flicker of fires burning off to the side from several torches made short work of shadows and potential places to hide. He could only hope that his silence would be enough to disguise his location from his attacker.

Taro heard the faint whistle of the incoming attack. He leapt to the side, dodging a deadly kunai blade. Taro heard whistling again, except this time more strongly. He leapt again to the other side, evading three more blades striking the wall behind where he was standing. However, his attacker had given away his position now. Grabbing the kunai from before and tearing it from the ground, Taro headed to the hill from the direction of his attackers last throw. However, he soon realized his mistake when another warning came from behind. This time, he wasn’t so prepared. Taro desperately threw himself to the ground, out of the way of the attack, but he knew that he was vulnerable now.

Another kunai came whistling at him from the shadows. He knew he would have to do something fast, or he would certainly be hit by it. Quickly, he swung the kunai in his own hand in front of his face, swiping away the deadly missile. Enough games, he thought. Taro climbed back to his feet and ducked behind the mountain, certain that his attacker had moved on to another hiding spot. He knew his attacker already knew where he was so he moved as quickly as he could through the shadows as silently as he could.

Taro came upon a narrow lookout from which he could view all of his surroundings. The burning torches were of no use in finding his attacker. Like himself, Taro’s attacker was hiding somewhere in the shadows waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.

Taro glanced around some more, looking intently for the slightest signs of movement. He couldn’t see a thing. He knew this attacker was much more skilled than he was, and if he had any chance of defeating him, he would have to be as alert as possible.

Then, a noise came from behind!

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Who is it that Taro is worried about? Is it another ninja? Can he defeat him? Let me know what you think in the comment section below and find out in the next exciting chapter of Taro's Ninja Spy High School!

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  1. This is awesome! If I could suggest something though, you should change the amount of times you used the word "carefully" in the first paragraph. ;) But it's a rad-ass story, bro


What is a Ninja?

There is a lot of misconception about what a ninja is.

A ninja is a weapon. A ninja is a warrior.

First appearing in writing as early as 4th century according to some history, though it is hard to place the beginning of the ninja, and most scholars agree that they emerged around the 7th-10th century. According to most Asian historians, the ninja first developed in opposition to the elite samurai during the Heian Dynasty (794-1185).

By the 15th century, the role of the ninja was primarily hired mercenary or espionage. By this time, there was already boundless myths about ninjas, calling them demons and giving them mystical powers which were widely believed to be true, but in all reality, ninjas were very trained in silence and stealth and could easily hide or slip away quickly and unnoticed in a way that would lead others to believe they were magical.

Our story presupposes a modern Japanese society where ninjas have managed to survive and continue traditional methods of teaching and hired by clients and used as weapons and tools of espionage and mercenary. Taro is one such ninja, growing up in a civilization of ninjas long-thought to be extinct. But when Taro begins his first ninja mission, his whole world gets turned upside down.