Thursday, October 13, 2011

I promised what now?

Well, damn... I didn't actually end up keeping my promise about September. So I suppose by now, I owe you guys at least 4 chapters. Plus, in keeping with my idea of 2 per month, I suppose I should just go ahead and assume that I owe you guys 6. Hmph. Well, I suppose I better start figuring out where I left that creative spark.

Yes, yes... I know. It doesn't make a bit of difference because Dende is gone and the balls are inert, but his power level is still over 9000.

New chapters soon... hopefully.

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What is a Ninja?

There is a lot of misconception about what a ninja is.

A ninja is a weapon. A ninja is a warrior.

First appearing in writing as early as 4th century according to some history, though it is hard to place the beginning of the ninja, and most scholars agree that they emerged around the 7th-10th century. According to most Asian historians, the ninja first developed in opposition to the elite samurai during the Heian Dynasty (794-1185).

By the 15th century, the role of the ninja was primarily hired mercenary or espionage. By this time, there was already boundless myths about ninjas, calling them demons and giving them mystical powers which were widely believed to be true, but in all reality, ninjas were very trained in silence and stealth and could easily hide or slip away quickly and unnoticed in a way that would lead others to believe they were magical.

Our story presupposes a modern Japanese society where ninjas have managed to survive and continue traditional methods of teaching and hired by clients and used as weapons and tools of espionage and mercenary. Taro is one such ninja, growing up in a civilization of ninjas long-thought to be extinct. But when Taro begins his first ninja mission, his whole world gets turned upside down.