Monday, February 20, 2012

Unintentionally Perfect

Taro wiped away his tears. He couldn't help feeling sorry for the man, even though he didn't know him. He pleaded for his life but was killed anyway. He thought of the man's family and friends and felt ashamed that he thought Michio shared a similar fate. There was still hope. Michio wouldn't die like that. Michio couldn't die. If he had, Taro thought, what hope was there for an unskilled ninja such as himself?

He began thinking about what he would do if Michio had been killed. He imagined Mr. Takowa kneeling at Taro's feet begging for his life. He tried to imagine himself lowering his blade and plunging it into the man's neck and watching as he bleeds to death.

Shivers shot up Taro's spine. If it was necessary, could he end another man's life? Having never killed before, he could hardly imagine taking pleasure in it. It was sickening, even. He closed his eyes and hoped it wouldn't come to that.

When his eyes opened up again, he was stared directly ahead at an air vent connected to the large pipe feeding into it. It was so unintentionally perfect, he wondered why he hadn't thought of it before. By going through the air system, he could freely travel through the warehouse and locate Michio. It was the safest path he could imagine.

He began pulling on the rope again. Feeling tired and dizzy from hanging upside down, he barely could find the strength to pull himself upright. But he forced himself to climb back up the rope and onto the support beam, thinking that whatever Michio was going through would be much more difficult.

He unlatched his grappling hook and balanced himself on top of the beam, judging the distance to the air vent. He tossed the hook into the air again, landing it right into the vent, and then pulling the rope around the beam, he ranked it tight creating a tight rope to reach it.

He didn't tie it off because he would need it later. Instead, he held firm on the end of the rope, pulling it tight as he took his first step on the rope.

He placed his other foot firmly on the rope, directing his weight towards his center. Then the other foot came from behind, and he carefully took one step at a time toward the vent feeling the strain in his arms to keep the rope taut.

His efforts were rewarded as he reached the other side. He pulled the grill off of the vent and secured himself inside before pulling in the rope. He put his grappling hook back in his bag and pulled out the piece of glass to leave it there as well.

Now then... which way to go?

The vent only had two directions from this point, but which would lead him closer to finding Michio?

He decided to take the path to the right and began crawling along the vent shaft.

Leaving behind the office with the dead man in it, he made his way through the building, blindly following the vents. He came upon another grid that seemed to be over some kind of hallway.

He continued on, passing a turn in the vent and going in the direction of the hallway. He came to another grid, but this one was above a doorway with two guards standing there.

"Did you here what happened to Koroko?" one guard said to the other.

"Yeah, it's really unfortunate."

"It makes me wonder if the pay is worth it. That could easily have been one of us if one day the boss decided he was tired of us. Plus, I'm worried what my son would think if he knew what kind of work I did."

Taro sat and listened to the conversation.

"I don't have any family," the other guard confessed. "I'm going to make my money and get out. I've been saving up for months, and when I have enough, I'm going to move to Europe and get a big house."

"Hahaha. That would be nice. But only if we live that long."

Both the guards started laughing.

"What ever happened to that kid we caught snooping around?"


"I can't say for sure. I think the boss mentioned something about locking him up in the basement. He must think the kid's working for the cops or something, or he probably would have just killed him."

"Don't be stupid. A kid that age, working for the cops? Not likely. He's probably dead already."

He can't be!

"Yeah, you're probably right."

Taro had heard enough. He had to make his way down into the basement. That's where they were holding Michio. He had to be there. Michio wouldn't get himself killed. He was too smart. He would find a way to escape. He had to.

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Will Taro make it to Michio in time to save him? Were the guards right? Is Michio dead? Watch how the story unfolds in the next chapter of the exciting web-novel "Taro's Ninja Spy High School!"

Author's Notes:
As a special little tid-bit for all of my readers, the reason I called this chapter "Unintentionally Perfect" was actually because I didn't originally intend for him to have Taro crawling through vents. But after I had him escape into the ceiling to hide from the men in the office, I realized that he could easily get around through the vents and thought that it was an excellent idea. Thus, it was an unintentionally perfect set-up. Hahaha....

Well, I hope you guys are still enjoying this story. Don't forget to comment and push that little +1 button or share this story on your facebook or twitter. I could really use the input and support. Thanks guys! =3

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There is a lot of misconception about what a ninja is.

A ninja is a weapon. A ninja is a warrior.

First appearing in writing as early as 4th century according to some history, though it is hard to place the beginning of the ninja, and most scholars agree that they emerged around the 7th-10th century. According to most Asian historians, the ninja first developed in opposition to the elite samurai during the Heian Dynasty (794-1185).

By the 15th century, the role of the ninja was primarily hired mercenary or espionage. By this time, there was already boundless myths about ninjas, calling them demons and giving them mystical powers which were widely believed to be true, but in all reality, ninjas were very trained in silence and stealth and could easily hide or slip away quickly and unnoticed in a way that would lead others to believe they were magical.

Our story presupposes a modern Japanese society where ninjas have managed to survive and continue traditional methods of teaching and hired by clients and used as weapons and tools of espionage and mercenary. Taro is one such ninja, growing up in a civilization of ninjas long-thought to be extinct. But when Taro begins his first ninja mission, his whole world gets turned upside down.